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New Photographer /

Onboarding Packet

Updated May 2024 

Thank you for choosing to work with us.  

MLS Media Services is based in Houston, Texas.


Our office will undertake all admin; arranging the visit, resolving any on-site hiccups, post production, editing and delivery. Your role is to represent MLS Media Services at the community /job site location.  

We appreciate your partnership and very much hope to be working with you for many years to come. 

Upload all images/files for editing the same day of the shoot. You agree to assign full ownership of all images and files to MLS Media Services  please do not process any of the captured data / images for your own use.

Invoicing Instructions

Send invoices to: – We submit the payout for your invoice once the job is verified as deliverable.

When On-Site

  • Your role is to represent MLS Media Services at the community / job site location. 

  • Upon arrival please introduce yourself as part of the MLS Photo and do not wear your own company branded attire. 

  • Please refer the customer to the MLS Media Services with any questions or to schedule or reschedule any shoots.

*Review the Google Calendar Event on the Google Calendar App prior to arriving.


  • In Case of Questions Outside of Business Hours

  • You can call Begul (Bee) at 510-502-7339 for urgent questions outside of business hours.

  • If you feel a space isn’t ready for capturing, text a picture to Begul (Bee) at 510-502-7339.

Service Details

Photo Shooting Service

  • 35-55 Photos depending on the property size

  • 5 Bracket Raw Files

  • Please take pictures of all rooms with multiple angles unless the realtor or homeowner asks that photos not be taken of certain rooms.

Video Service

  • 35-55 small clips depending on the property size

  • Please turn on the fans if they have in the rooms, 

  • Please record of all rooms with multiple angles and some detail clips needs to highlighted  such as kitchen area, living room area, beds/baths etc

Drone Service Just Photos

  • Min 8 Images

  • Make sure we have multiple angles include Bird Eye View

  • If they have school, Playground or any other community areas which will help them as a selling point Please make sure we have those angles as well in the same frame with the house lot.  

Drone Service Photo and Video

  • Min 8 Images and 10 Video Clips

  • Make sure to record multiple angles include Bird Eye View

  • Please be consistent with drone speed not too fast not to slow. Each clip needs to be min 5 seconds not too short. 

Twilight Session 

  • Min 10 Images Includes Front-Backyard areas

  • Please make sure every lights are on before shooting the Twilight images. (Interior and Exterior Lights)

Floor Plan Cubicasa

  • Please Contact Begul (Bee) for the login info

  • Make sure to upload the plan as soon as you complete the project within an hour.


  • Photo Shooting Service $100

  • Photo Shooting Service + Floor Plan $120

  • Photo Shooting + Drone (Photo) $150

  • Photo Shooting + Video $200

  • Photo Shooting + Video + Drone (Photo + Video) $300

  • Photo Shooting + Video + Drone (Photo + Video) + Twilight Session $400

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